Mitres and Ordinaries

I find the following information from Fr. Hunwicke’s blog fascinating, particularly from an ecumenical perspective.

“Keen students of liturgical minutiae who haven’t read Anglicanorum coetibus may enjoy this recondite and tasty piece of information: some people think that an Ordinary is entitled to wear the Mitre and use the other pontificalia because he is an Ordinary. Not so. There is no provision whatsoever for that in the legislation erecting the Ordinariates. What is provided for is the granting of the ius pontificalium to those who previously were Anglican Bishops. In other words, Mgr Keith wears a mitre partly by virtue of his Consecration as Bishop of Richborough in the Church of England.

“Isn’t Pope Emeritus Benedict a gentleman?”

newton in miter - Copy (2)

Paul VI & Ramsey ring

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  1. jbpauley says:

    The plot thickens! I’ve been told by a reliable source who was told this by the CDF that the ordinaries wear the episcopal insigniae in a way comparable to mitred abbots. My source fully agrees, however, that our Pope Emeritus is certainly a gentleman!


  2. jbpauley says:

    An additional thought: part of the reason I found Fr. Hardwicke’s statement credible is the symbolic gesture that occurred when Paul VI and Archbishop of Canterbury Michael Ramsey met in 1966. The former placed the ring he had worn as archbishop of Milan on the finger of the latter. Not quite a miter and crozier, but still, it’s something on which to build, especially by means of fervent prayer.


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