Recollections on the Feast of Sts. Maurus & Placid

Recollections on the feast of Sts. Maur and Placid, disciples of St. Benedict.  My first novice/junior master was Fr. Mauro Lepori (photo below), now the Abbot General of the Cistercians of the Common Observance.  On a confrere’s name day at Hauterive, it was the custom to have music played in the refectory at noon instead of the reading, that music usually chosen by the nameday confrere. Pere Mauro generally chose Smetana’s “Die Moldau” because the water imagery calls to mind the story recounted in St. Gregory’s Dialogues of St. Placid being saved from drowning by St. Maurus.

Maurus & Placid

At the end of the Pater Noster are the words “sed libera nos a malo” (deliver us from evil), which I changed into “sed libera nos a Mauro.”  When I visited Hauterive about 7 years ago (when Dom Mauro was still the abbot of Hauterive), he recalled this with much amusement.  A sense of humor is helpful in living the monastic life.




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