Charles I

On this date of Charles I’s beheading, I confess that the question of whether he could someday be canonized as a Catholic saint is one that doesn’t interest me. But his murder—and I would say martyrdom—is certainly part of the Anglican patrimony.  Moreover, the principles for which Charles I died included those that contributed to strengthening the High Church party in the Church of England, to the Oxford Movement, and thus to Anglicanorum coetibus.  Saint or not, blessed or not, venerable or not, we benefit from aspects of his courageous stand.

Considered in that light, I share a couple of photos from the Society of King Charles the Martyr’s annual January 30 Mass I attended a few years ago. (One is of the Mass itself.  The other photo, taken at a different time, is of the Rubens ceiling.)  The Mass is held in the Banqueting House, London, which is all that remains of Whitehall Palace, and outside the front windows of which Charles was beheaded.

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