Towards an Ordinariate Divine Office

As we make our way towards an authorized Divine Office for the Ordinariate, here’s an interesting article at the New Liturgical Movement page on the development of the Daily Office for the Ordinariate.

The article correctly surmises that the Prayer Book conflated monasticism’s two major morning offices (Vigils and Lauds) into Mattins and monasticism’s two evening offices (Vespers and Compline) into Evening Prayer or Evensong. It is one of the paradoxes of the English Reformation that its anti-monasticism (e.g., the dissolution of monasteries [as well as of other religious orders]) was accompanied by the preservation of significant elements of monastic spirituality in the Prayer Book.  (See John-Bede Pauley, “The Monastic Quality of Anglicanism: Implications for Understanding the Anglican Patrimony,” Anglicans and the Roman Catholic Church: Reflections on Recent Developments, ed. Stephen Cavanaugh (Ignatius Press, 2011).

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