April 26th Evening Prayer in California

Announcement from Greg Herr of the California contingent of the St. Benet Biscop Chapter of St. John’s Oblates:

“Dear Blessed John’s, Benedictine Oblate candidates, and Beyond,

“We will hold Anglican Use Evening Prayer at Sandy Fryling’s home on Tuesday, April 26th, at 7 pm. Her address is: 2806 E Echo Hill Way, Orange.

“Everyone from Bl. John’s and beyond is welcome to join the Oblates in prayer, and of course consider the Oblate life in the Ordinariate.

“As part of our gathering, we’ll discuss a part of the Rule of St Benedict or another appropriate topic for Oblates, and the “work” dimension of our lives as Benedictines—the Corporal Works of Mercy—how we might serve individually or as a community.

“Our first two gatherings were a joy!  If Evening Prayer in the Anglican tradition interests you, please feel very welcome to join us.

“If any questions, feel free to contact Greg Herr at: gkherr@gmail.com [or] 949/351-5847.”


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