Liturgy Doesn’t “Mean” Anything


On the feast of the holy abbots of Cluny, a monastery known for taking liturgy seriously, here is a link to an interesting article, written from a High Church Anglican perspective, on liturgy.  The article is also helpful in that it offers observations on how those from Protestant-Evangelical traditions tend to view liturgy.

I sense a certain wariness in these early years of the Ordinariates to broach the issue of Churchmanship. When I was Episcopalian, there was usually a reluctance to pigeonhole a person’s or congregation’s Churchmanship—though the differences were usually obvious.  It seems this reluctance has carried over into the Ordinariates.  But since the Church teaches (and our experience affirms) that the Eucharistic liturgy is the “source and summit of the Christian life” (Lumen Gentium 11), it seems the question of how those from the Low Church wing of Anglicanism understand liturgy will have to be addressed in some manner.  Fr. Olver’s article might prove helpful in that discussion.


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