Ascensiontide Novena: Day 9


Saviour Christ, we ask you in our humility to hear the cry of the captives, your suppliants, O saving God – how we are distressed by our own desires. Accursed spirits, hostile hell-foes have hard beset the exiles, bound them with baleful ropes. Remedy belongs all to you alone, eternal Lord. Help those in trouble, so that your coming here may comfort the miserable, even though we have made a feud against you through our lust for iniquities. Have mercy on your servants and consider our miseries, how we totter with a tired spirit, move wretchedly about. Come now, King of heroes. Do not delay too long. We have need of mercies, that you free us and faithfully give us the healthful gift, that ever after we may always thrive in the thing that prospers among the people – your will.

The Advent Lyrics, Old English, possibly c. 800 Although intended for use in Advent this is also a good prayer as we wait for the coming of the Spirit at Pentecost


Bring us, O Holy Spirit, into the way that leadeth to all virtues, beauties, adorations and graces, to all praises, triumphs and thanksgivings, to holiness and communion with thee, and to blessedness here and hereafter; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Eric Milner-White (see day 2), based on words of Thomas Traherne (1636 – 1674) English poet, clergyman, theologian, and religious writer

[The images is a stained-glass window of Pentecost,

1480, East Harling, Norfolk]


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