Corpus Christi and California


A blessed anniversary to all the people of Blessed John Henry Newman Catholic Church in southern California on this solemnity of Corpus Christi.

It was five years ago today (29 May, 2011), that Fr. Andrew Bartus and members of Blessed Sacrament Episcopal Church, Placentia, California, held its first Evensong with, I gather, the intent to explore entering into full communion with Rome. As usual, God writes straight with crooked lines.  In the words of one of the members of Bd. JHN (and one of the oblate-candidates there), Greg Herr:

“We had so many hopes with no firm knowledge of the future.  Fr Andrew, of course, was still just a young, recently ordained Anglican priest.  Our numbers were small to begin with, and dwindled even more over the course of events, but the stout few (roughly 1/2 Catholic, 1/2 Episc/Anglican) held on until the 17 founding members were received.”

Our brother and sister oblate-candidates at Blessed John Henry Newman are organizing and celebrating Morning Prayer before today’s Mass.

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