Lectio Divina Selon André Louf


(H/t to Matthew Dallman for posting this splendid quote.)

“One of the ways [to turn to God] used by all monks is Lectio Divina. Monks prefer this old Latin term to anything modern, as the modern term ‘spiritual reading’ does not denote the same thing at all. Lectio for the monk means reading the word of God in a slow meditative way so that it may take root in the heart and germinate there. The first condition for this is that he give it time, and this time when night ensures quiet and calm is best of all. At night even the slightest whisper can be heard, the faintest echo or the quietest word is audible. But the silence of the night is more than an invitation. It is also a symbol of that silence we must create within us, in which God speaks or keeps silence like the closest of friends.”

(André Louf, The Cistercian Way, p. 47)

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