The Divine Office and Us … All of Us

An excellent article on the efficacy accomplished by daily praying the Divine Office and doing so in the “domestic church” if one’s local parish or cathedral doesn’t offer it.  An excerpt:

“[I]f we want to transform the culture and revive the Church, we can do this through the Domestic Church and the family centered on liturgical piety, including the chanting of the Liturgy of the Hours at home. Furthermore, … we need to encourage this in the vernacular, so that people who are not fluent in Latin (i.e. most people) can genuinely pray it. I suggest that the Anglican Use Divine Office is a way to do this. … [I]t is the prayer of the family in the domestic church, centered on a liturgical piety, that can drive such societal change today as well as transform the Church. We need to form people as contemplatives as a matter of course, not as the exception.”

I would add that the early Church—which is supposed to have a thing or two to teach us about what our Lord and his apostles intended—regarded praying the hours as the privilege and responsibility of all the faithful. An aspect of the charism of Benedictine oblates, I believe, is to be exemplars of this truth that praying the hours—even if only partially—is for everyone, not solely for priests and religious.

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