St. Benedict and Business

Click here to read a fine article on the Rule of St. Benedict and the world of business. (H/t to Greg Herr for bringing it to my attention).  I’ve heard of books, articles, and presentations on this theme but had never read/listened to any of them, to be honest.  So I’m glad to finally read these thoughts, especially since they’re presented succinctly.


I would have a slight quibble with the article’s explanation of the vow of conversion as “total conversion into the image of Christ.” Yes, total conversion is the essence of the RB, but the conversatio morum of the RB is difficult to translate simply as conversion. It’s more to do with conversion in accord with the monastic manner of life. Though I’m certain the author didn’t mean to imply this, suggesting the RB’s vow of conversatio is about conversion tout court can subtly feed that notion too frequently encountered in the history of the Church that monks and nuns are somehow more intent on basic Christian conversion.  But it is certainly the case that those of us (professed monastics and oblates) who make the RB an important part of our way of thinking and praying are in possession of a mighty help towards total conversion.

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