Anglican-patrimonial Benedictine Oblates

Those drawn to Benedictine spirituality and to its role in developing the Anglican patrimony are invited to consider joining the St. Benet Biscop Chapter of St. John’s Abbey Oblates (SBBC). As the inaugural group of oblate candidates makes its way towards final oblation in January, the SBBC welcomes those interested in forming the next group of oblate candidates. For more information, contact Brother John-Bede Pauley, O.S.B. (

Those who join within the next couple of weeks will be eligible to make their final oblation the weekend of 16-17 September 2017. If they can come to St. John’s to make their oblation, it will be in the presence of Bishop Stephen Lopes, who is scheduled to visit the SBBC at St. John’s that weekend.

The SBBC is open to Christians drawn to the Rule of St. Benedict (RB); interested in discerning whether the RB can serve as a guide for growth in holiness within their particular state in life; and who cherish the Anglican patrimony (“the liturgical, spiritual and pastoral traditions of the Anglican Communion [that constitute] a treasure to be shared.” Anglicanorum Coetibus, III).  Those interested in the SBBC also have a desire to affiliate with St. John’s Abbey and with its and Anglicanorum Coetibus’s fostering of ecumenical dialogue and prayer, the SBBC emphasizing dialogue and common prayer between Catholics and Anglicans.  The SBBC joyously builds on such statements as the 5 October 2016 common declaration between Pope Francis and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby: “We urge our clergy and faithful not to neglect or undervalue that certain yet imperfect communion that we already share.”

(Click here for the SBBC’s website and here for the SBBC’s Facebook page.)

(The photo shows the west door of St. Paul’s Church, Jarrow, England, founded by St. Benet Biscop in the seventh century.)

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