From the Four Quarters–Newsletter, Advent 2016

I am delighted to announce the issuance of the inaugural newsletter of the St. Benet Biscop Chapter of St. John’s Oblates, attached below as a PDF.

This newsletter offers the following to our readers:

  • A thoughtful reflection from our editor, Dr. Clint Brand (professor in the English Department of the University of St. Thomas, Houston; former member of Anglicane Traditiones; and parishioner of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham).
  • Fr. Jack Barker (priest of the Diocese of San Bernardino and former Episcopal priest) provides his first-hand account of events and discussions from the late 1970s—some of which have not yet been published—that give us a richer historical context for understanding how and why Anglicanorum coetibus came into being.
  • Turning to the area of music, I (Br. John-Bede Pauley, O.S.B.; liaison between the St. Benet Biscop Chapter of St. John’s Oblates and the St. John’s Abbey oblate director) provide thoughts on how music from the Anglican choral repertoire can foster what I refer to as auditio divina (prayerful listening). I examine William Byrd’s Civitas Sancti Tui as an example.
  • Mr. Jason Edwards (parishioner of the Ordinariate parish of St. John the Baptist, Bridgeport, Pennsylvania) reflects on praying the Daily Office for the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, which the oblates of the St. Benet Biscop Chapter were asked to, as it were, beta test prior to the hoped-for promulgation of the office.
  • Mother Winsome Durrant, SBVM (superior of the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Old Oscott Hill, Birmingham, England) recounts the role faith played in the life of her community as they moved from being Anglican to Catholic, from Wantage to Birmingham, and from being Augustinian to Benedictine.
  • Fr. Michael Peterson, O.S.B. (oblate director of St. John’s Abbey) continues the theme of risk, so movingly exemplified in Mother Winsome’s account, as he reflects on Pope Francis’s call at last summer’s World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland, to follow Jesus as “the Lord of risk.”


[The photo is one I took in the monastic garden of St. John’s at this time of year in 2010.]


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