Archbishop of Canterbury to Present Reformation Resolution to Catholic and Lutheran Leaders


[Hood-doff to Jason John Edwards, Obl.S.B. for this story.  (A fuller version can be found here.)]

A resolution from the Anglican Consultative Council welcoming an agreed Roman Catholic-Lutheran declaration on justification will feature at a service in Westminster Abbey on 31 October. …

After extensive ecumenical dialogue between the Pontifical council for Promoting Christian Unity and the Lutheran World Federation, a Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification was agreed in 1999. In it, the two Churches said that they now share “a common understanding of our justification by God’s grace through faith in Christ.” The agreement paved the way for a closer relationship between Catholics and Lutherans, culminating in Pope Francis’s participation in a service in Malmö, Sweden, last year at the start of a year of activities to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

The pivotal Joint Declaration was adopted by the World Methodist Council in July 2006 and by the World Communion of Reformed Churches in July this year.

In April 2016, the Anglican Consultative Council, at their meeting in Lusaka, Zambia, “welcomed and affirmed” the substance of the Joint Declaration. …

At next week’s Westminster Abbey service, the Archbishop of Canterbury will present copies of the ACC resolution to the Roman Catholic Church and the Lutheran World Federation. …

“During the historic 2017 anniversary, Anglicans rejoice in the extraordinary achievement that the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification represents as a sign of healing after 500 years of division.” …

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