First Akenside Press Fellow-in-Residence for the Rediscovery of the Anglican Patrimony

[Posted by Fr. Matthew Cuthbert Dallman, Obl.S.B., on the website of Akenside Press]

Announcing our first Fellow-in-Residence

As the founder of Akenside Press, now in its fifth year of mission to aid in the rediscovery of the true Anglican patrimony of the English School of Catholic spirituality, I am most pleased to announce the flowering of an initiative that promises to make creative strides and bear fruit. That initiative is our Fellows-in-Residence program.

Blazing a trail into unchartered yet exciting waters will be our first Fellow-in-Residence, Nathaniel Marshall, Obl.S.B. Being an Oblate in the Saint Benet Biscop Chapter of Saint John’s Abbey, Collegeville, Nathaniel is profoundly committed to Benedictine spirituality, which is at the ascetical heart of the English School and thus any conception of Anglican patrimony. In additional to Benedictine spirituality, Nathaniel’s specific areas of research will include the writings of Father Andrew, S.D.C. (Henry Ernest Hardy, Anglican priest), Plainchant and the daily Offices, and the Domestic Church.

Nathaniel is particularly interested in the pastoral writings of the late Father Andrew, S.D.C, with whom I was previously unfamiliar, but find to be perhaps a “late Tractarian” expression of the English School. I am particularly interested to find out whether Father Andrew might have been influenced by Bishop Charles Gore’s pastoral and ascetical perspective—Gore being a great voice in the doctrine of the Faithful Remnant which so influenced Martin Thornton. Nathaniel has been sharing Father Andrew’s letters, which are rich in spiritual direction of precisely the creative variety outlined by Thornton.

I am particularly pleased that this initiative arises out of, and even within, our SBBC [St. Benet Biscop Chapter of St. John’s Abbey Oblates] “family,” especially on the heels of Bishop Lopes’ visit to the community in September (when I and others made our Final Act of Oblation), after which he blessed us all with his words: “Benedictine life and spirituality is central to the identity of English Christianity.”

Relatedly, with the SBBC I continue my teaching of Thornton’s theology, introducing it in steps through the medium of “video-conferencing,” which is a challenge unto itself. It very well may be that these short videos will be made public at some point. Certainly that is my hope.

More here on Nathaniel’s story and the initiative as a whole.

To learn more about the twofold ministry of our Fellows-in-Residence program, see here.

Welcome, Nathaniel! Pray for his ministry as a Fellow-in-Residence, and for the overall ministry of Akenside Press to strengthen Anglican patrimony through the renewal of Catholic reality in Anglican parish life.

— Father Matthew Dallman, Obl.S.B.


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