Rome & Canterbury Post-Vatican-II

Hood-doff to Fr Steve Petrica (Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin) for supplying the attached five photos of meetings between post-Vatican-II popes and archbishops of Canterbury.  Please feel free to provide information on the photos (dates, places, etc.) in the comments.  (I believe the photos appear in chronological order.) 

This series of photos sparks a desire for a thorough history of post-Vatican-II relations between Canterbury and Rome.  (I assume an extensive study doesn’t already exist.)  But perhaps it’s still too soon.  As a professor at Durham University said to a friend of mine doing a doctoral thesis on religion and politics in recent history (during the ‘90s), “Hmph!  Journalism!”

02 80s JPII & Runcie

03 080000 perhaps BXVI & Wms

04 Francis & welby

05 161005 Francis & welby

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  1. jbpauley says:

    Comments gathered thus far. One person states photo 1 was taken in 1966. Another comment from an oblate who was a friend of Rev. John Andrew, chaplain to Archbishop M. Ramsey: “The first one is of course Michael Ramsey and Paul VI. We see the pope placing his ring on the Archbishop’s finger. In turn the archbishop gave the pope his ring. A little known detail is that the chaplain for each prelate exchanged the ring boxes as gifts to one another. You can partially see the forehead of Ramsey’s chaplain Rev John Andrew directly behind the pope. I know about this because John Andrew was a friend.”


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