St. Ermin of Lobbes

From Jason John Edwards, Obl.S.B.’s continuing series on monastic saints.

Copied from Wikipedia:

Saint Ermin of Lobbes (died 737, in Lobbes, Hainaut, Belgium) was the second abbot of Lobbes Abbey.

Originally from the region of Laon, he studied at the Cathedral School of Laon (France) and was ordained as a priest by the Bishops Madalgaire.

After entering the Benedictine monastery of Lobbes, he became a disciple of Saint Ursmar. After nomination by Ursmer, he was elected as Ursmer’s successor. He had a reputation for wisdom and sanctity. His biographer, Abbot Anson of Lobbes (+800), stated that he also had a gift for prophecy.

He died in Lobbes in 737 and is interred in a sarcophagus in the crypt of Saint Ursmar’s Church in Lobbes.

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