Mention from Mount Calvary

[Fr. Albert Scharbach, the pastor of Mount Calvary, Baltimore, has the following in this week’s parish newsletter. At the end, he provides a link to my revised article on monasticism and the Anglican patrimony. –Br. John-Bede Pauley, O.S.B.]


We celebrated the feast of St. Benedict yesterday, the father of important aspects of our charism. The beginning of the Rule of St. Benedict (516 AD) states, “Listen … and incline the ears of your heart (Obsculta … et inclina aurem cordis tuis).” This charge to listen set the tone of Western monastic life.

The Benedictine charism includes listening in the liturgy and listening to language.  The English people were formed by Benedictine monasteries that dotted the English countryside long after cities and mendicant orders became more influential on the continent. This is why listening to liturgy and language remains an important part of our charism.  (To learn more, see here.)

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