St. John Roberts

[The following was posted on the Facebook page by Jason John (Roberts) Edwards, Obl.S.B.  A blessed and happy patronal feast day to you Jason!]

Today is one of the name days for oblate Jason John (Roberts) Edwards, Obl.S.B., as Wales celebrates the feast of the Six Welsh Martyrs and their Companions.

Bio: John Roberts O.S.B. was born in 1577 in Snowdonia. He attended St. John’s College, Oxford before leaving after two years to study law at Furnival’s Inn, London. When he visited Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris he converted to Catholicism, moved to Spain, and joined St Benedict’s Monastery, Valladolid, in 1598. He took his final vows at San Martín Pinario, Santiago de Compostela towards the end of 1600. Having completed his studies, he was ordained and set out for England on 26 December 1602. He was arrested and banished on 13 May 1603 but soon returned and worked among the plague victims in London. He was arrested and banished a further four times but after re-entering England for the fifth time, he was captured again in December 1602. Having just finished saying Mass, he was taken to Newgate in his vestments. On 5 December he was tried and found guilty under the Act forbidding priests to minister in England, and on 10 December was executed at Tyburn.

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