A Splendid Ecumenical Gesture

[The following was posted, today, 16 November, by Mark Woodruff on the _Anglican Ordinariates Informal Conversation Forum_ on Facebook.  Today is not the feast of St. Barnabas, by the way.  But today we celebrate two saints important to us. The first is St. Gertrude the Great, a Benedictine nun. Her monastic community seems to have opted for aspects of the Cistercian reforms of Benedictine monasticism, however, so she might be called Benedictine/Cistercian. The other saint is St. Margaret of Scotland, an important British saint.]

In 1982 my present RC parish, St. Eliz Ann Seton, was established in Odessa, Tx. The parishioners had land but no buildings. St. Barnabas Episcopal Church graciously offered the use of their church, and so for nearly three years St. Eliz had a Saturday evening mass and I believe a noon mass at St. Barnabas, allowing the Episcopalians to have their service at mid-morning. When the church was completed at St. Eliz and the congregation moved to its own home, the St. Barnabas congregation presented them this beautiful statue of St. Barnabas, and it is a treasured reminder of the wonderful ecumenical gesture of the good people of St. Barnabas.

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