10 January – Archbishop William Laud

On 10 January 1645 William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, was beheaded at the Tower of London after being accused of treason by the Long Parliament.

Laud was born in 1573 in Reading, Berkshire, and educated at Reading Grammar School and St. John’s College, Oxford University.  He was ordained in April 1601.

It is difficult for many of us to agree with everything for which Laud and Charles I stood.  But one principle with which many of us agree is the role Charles I and Archbishop Laud played in upholding many aspects of the Church of England’s Catholic roots.

This principle/belief, of itself, would perhaps have been reason enough for the Puritans to put Laud to death.  He was imprisoned in the Tower of London. In 1644, in the midst of the Civil War, he was beheaded.

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