Division’s Opportunities

[The photo is of St. John the Baptist, Church of England, Cirencester]

In this octave of prayer for Christian unity, Mr. Gunnar Gundersen has published an article, “Retconning the Reformation,” on the Ordinariates and ecumenism.  Read the full article here (posted 23 January 2020).

The article quotes an interesting statement by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger in an essay he wrote for the Theologische Quartalschrift:

“But if the poison of hostility is slowly removed from the divisions [of Christians], and if, through mutual acceptance diversity leads no longer to mere impoverishment but rather to a new wealth of listening and understanding, then during the transition to unity division can become a felix culpa, a happy fault, even before it is completely healed.”

This attitude is, I suggest, the most productive for ecumenical prayer and dialogue.  Mutual enrichment with our “separated brethren” (to use Vatican II’s term) can and should happen now.

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