Edward Bouverie Pusey – Important People of the Anglican Patrimony – 18 September

A prayer of E. B. Pusey on the anniversary of his death:

“Lord without Thee I can do nothing; with Thee I can do all. Help me by Thy grace, that I fall not; help me by Thy strength, to resist mightily the very first beginnings of evil, before it takes hold of me; help me to cast myself at once at Thy sacred feet, and lie still there, until the storm be overpast; and, if I lose sight of Thee, bring me back quickly to Thee, and grant me to love Thee better, for Thy tender mercy’s sake. Amen.”

Dr Pusey features in stained glass done by Ninian Comper (ca. 1935–9) in the East window of the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament at Pusey House. The House was established, as a “house of sacred learning” for the memorial of Dr Pusey in 1884.

“Almighty God, who didst raise up thy servant Edward Bouverie Pusey to contend by his life and learning earnestly for the truth of the Incarnation of thy Son: Grant that this House which is established for his memorial may ever serve to thy glory, by the maintenance of the Catholic faith, and by the preaching of thy Holy Gospel, through the same thy Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

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