_Our Lady’s Hymn_, by Fr. Andrew Hardy


Someday—someday soon, I hope—I will be able to return to the Patristic-Lectionary series and the Anglican-Notables series.  In the meantime, I mention a promising title that has been published by Akenside Press, one of the ministries of our own Fr. Matthew Cuthbert Dallman, Obl.S.B., and that has an introduction by our own Nathaniel Joseph Marshall, Obl.S.B.

The work in question is Father Andrew Hardy’s Our Lady’s Hymn.  From Akenside Press’s description: “It is sometimes asked whether within Anglican spirituality there exists a genuine devotion to the Blessed Virgin. In these meditations on Mary’s Magnificat, Father Andrew illustrates his poignant affirmation.”

Here is a brief biography of Father Andrew, the posting of which serves as a contribution to the Anglican-Notables series:

“FATHER ANDREW, S.D.C. (1869–1946) was an accomplished poet, painter, playwright, and a man of deep prayer. He co-founded the Society of the Divine Compassion in 1894, was ordained a priest in the Church of England in 1895, and served at St. Philip’s, Plaistow, London until his death in 1946. His works, whether in paint or in print, had the singular goal of shepherding his audience into that union with God which is accomplished only through persistent, unceasing prayer.”

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