November 13, Benedictine All Saints

[Image: Erminio Poretti (b. 1946), “Eucharistie à Hauterive” (“Eucharist at Hauterive”).  L’Abbaye Nôtre-Dame d’Hauterive is the Cistercian abbey (Common Observance) in the Swiss canton of Fribourg]

November 13 used to be the feast day to give thanks for all saints of the Benedictine family.  With a spareness and reticence that is not entirely un-monastic, however, the celebration of all these monastic saints has been conflated into the solemnity of All Saints.  Still, this re-arrangement does not prevent us from giving thanks for the immense cloud of witnesses lighting the way by their examples and prayers.

Among a number of sources by which to get to know these men and women is Alexius Hoffmann, O.S.B.,’s revision of Lechner’s Ausführliches Martyrologium des Benedictiner-Ordens und seiner Verzweigungen.  Follow this link for the list.  Apparently, Hoffmann’s book is back in print.

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