Crossing the Tiber

I’m delighted to announce that Stephen Aethelwold Hilgendorf, Obl.S.B., and his family plan to be received into full communion in the Catholic Church, via the Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter, on 17 September. Also being received that day will be Peter Vanderwaal, who has served as our organist for St. Benet Biscop Chapter liturgies celebrated here at St. John’s Abbey.

The reception into full communion will take place at Holy Family Church in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota, the parish at which the Mission of St. Bede the Venerable meets. This will be the day after Bishop Lopes celebrates the liturgy and oblations with us, here at St. John’s Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota.  So he will be able to be present at Holy Family the next day to receive Peter and the Hilgendorfs.

Stephen was, until a couple of weeks ago, the rector of Saint Dunstan’s Anglican Church in Saint Louis Park. Peter was their organist.  In addition to keeping Peter and the Hilgendorfs in your prayers, please do the same for the people of Saint Dunstan’s.  All reports indicate that though the clergy and faithful of St. Dunstan’s say farewell to Peter and the Hilgendorfs with heavy hearts, the parting is taking place with charity all around.

[Photos: (1) Last January’s celebration of Mass and Oblations. Stephen Aethelwold Hilgendorf, Obl.S.B., stands to the left of the crucifer.  Peter Vanderwaal is to the far right of the crucifer and is wearing a blue cassock.  (2) Ecumenical Evensong celebrated January 2016 at Saint Dunstan’s. The wee lass in the blue coat is Maria Hilgendorf.  Her mother, Hannah, was taking the picture.  Her brother, John, was perhaps already on the way.  The then-rector and I are in the back row.)

160123.03 - Copy

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